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After that conversation, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Manzoni at Baselworld 2017, where we saw the watch he was talking about on his wrist.

Mr. Manzoni shared, "This was, for me, an obsession.replica franck muller watches We were already working on supercars such as the J50 and LaFerrari when we first started the project. franck muller replica watches offered us the chance to work together at that time and to transfer our vision and approach to design into a watch.

It's not as if we have a relationship we can apply to the watch, such as the aerodynamic shape and design of a Ferrari. We have a concept of lightweight that we added to the watch, which is based on our car-designing approach."

The watch movement, itsengine -- under the sapphire glass was then referred to by Mr. Manzoni. This confirmed the information he shared last November. Then he moved on to described the lightweight case his team and he had designed, which was borrowed from thedesignbooksofFerrari.

The watch's case is very light, which reminds me of the frames we make for our cars.Swiss Rolex Replica They are often made from a mixture of different materials. "This design has an intrinsic beauty that comes from creating very functional structures," stated Mr. Manzoni.

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